Soft Tissue Cancer

   A soft tissue cancer or sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops from certain tissues, like bones or muscles. Soft tissues are supporting tissues in the body, apart from the bones. They include fat, muscle, nerves, deep skin tissue, blood vessels and the tissue that surrounds joints. It is a rare type of cancer that forms as a painless lump (tumour) in any one of these soft tissues. They most commonly develop in the thigh, shoulder an

Symptoms  Sarcoma usually does not cause symptoms in its early stages. As it grows over a period of months, you may develop a painless lump. You may begin to have pain as the lump grows and presses on nerves and muscles. Other symptoms will depend on where in the body the sarcoma is.Sometimes a soft tissue sarcoma may be mistaken for a benign fatty lump (lipoma) or bruise (haematoma). This can delay tests that would help make the right diagnosis.If you have symptoms that stay for more than two weeks you should see your doctor. d pelvis.