Physiotherapy is of great benefit to cancer patients in terms of pain management.It plays a key role to play in the management of patients throughout the cancer treatment. And physiotherapists have an equally important role in the management of cancer pain with their specific skills which enable them to be patient-focused and holistic. Therapists utilise strategies which aim toimprove patient functioning and quality of life.

  • Relieving cancer pain

  • The main aim of physiotherapy is to relieve pain and improve function andquality of life using treatments based on the best available evidence. Pain-management is patient-centred, collaborative and restorative. It involves the family of the patient to ensure aco-ordinated approach to treatment planning and goal-setting. The patient’s engagement in thetherapy partnership is vital.The physiotherapist uses different interventions like massage, postural adjustments, temperature therapy (hot and cold treatments) and therapeutic exercise to manage pain.

  • Physiotherapy in oncology

  • CRF or cancer related fatigue, is a widely spread consequence of cancer which can affect patients between and during their treatment. Hence, it is a challenge to make the patients exercise to maintain their health and functionality despite CRF. Physiotherapists have an exercise programme for patients to work the patient and help them stick to it despite CRF and the cancer itself.

  • Adding value

  • The role of physiotherapy in cancer treatment value-adds to the care of patients in the palliative stage of cancer.